Trinity war is awesome

The Trinity war heroclix set looks like a lot of fun. I cant wait to play a Superman from that set with the Batman and Wonder Woman. They complement each other very well. I mean a Superman with stealth and damage of 5, defence of 19, could get ugly. What I would do is play all three in a 500 point game with Superman at full, Batman at 85, and Wonder Women at 100 with 65 points left for low point probability pieces. This set looks cool can’t wait to get my hands on some of these clix.


Awesome Nekron tournment

Last weekend we went to a tournament at Empire Game Center located in Streetsboro. We had to work together and team up our 800 point teams to take down the mighty Nekron and his Black Lantern army. Nekron’s team was 4,600 points.                                                                                                                                                                                                               One of our teams consists of, Iron man and War Machine Invincable Iron Man, Thor and Scarlet Witch  from Avengers vs. X-Men, Sphinx from Gaurdians of the Galaxy.

Our other teams were the Justice League team base from the Teen Titans set, Iron Man and Iron Patriot from the Iron Man 3 movie set, and last but not least Red Lantern Guy Gardner from the War of Light set.

Another team that were there was the Beyonder at 800 points